Musings From Exile: Introduction and Page Disclaimer…

While this is hardly my first writing rodeo, considering that the project Musings From Exile will be involved with will present my writing to audiences that previously did not see it, an introduction and page disclaimer seems to be in order. I will provide at this time in substantial form a pertinent section from the one I use on Facebook at this time. Without further ado…

I am one of the very few no BS commentators on the actions of the Trump Administration; meaning: you will get no BS from me on what they do. I call fair balls and strikes. I am no administration slappie unlike a lot of folks now who unfortunately were reactionary critics of Obama for eight years. Nor am I a reactionary critic either unlike a lot of folks who are now but were Obama slappies for eight years previously. If you are looking for either (i) uncritical and mindless fanbot worship of the Trump Administration or (ii) constant unrelenting criticism of everything the Trump Administration does, this page is not for you. If however, you are looking for someone who will call a fair strike zone and give credit to President Trump and his Administration where warranted and also criticize them when warranted, then you are at the right place!


While far from complete{1}, the excerpt above embodies principles I apply to all subjects I write on; namely, you will get my view unvarnished or as Jaded Politics says in their mission statement “raw, truthful and unfiltered.” I do not believe in spin nor do I believe in being a slappie for any person or cause. I write from a predominantly conservative point of view but I am not wedded to conservatism and when I view it as wrong or lacking on an issue, I will where applicable say so. I am also a longtime Independent voter and while being an Independent is all the rage now after the last election, to paraphrase that great western philosopher Barbara Mandrell: I was Independent, when Independent wasn’t cool.

While more could be noted than that on my general outlook, what is sketched out above will suffice for the time being in the launching of this new weblog and my involvement in the Jaded Politics project.


{1} For those who are interested, here is the rest of the referenced disclaimer:

Readers of this profile are forbidden from memorizing, remembering, or thinking about any material that appears on this profile unless prior, written permission has been granted from the owner of this profile. This prohibition does not apply to those who use material from this page clandestinely. The prohibition, however, does forbid reproducing, quoting, or mentioning of any material on this site to God, angels, or other human beings, whether in conversation, on other websites, emails, blogs, books, barbecues, articles, podcasts, videos, television programs, dentist visits, documentaries, encyclopedias, laundromats, radio programs, telephone conversations, telegrams, notes (scribbled or otherwise), semaphore, heliograph, sonar, or radar, or any other place where two or more persons are gathered for any purpose, unless prior, written permission has been granted from the owner of this profile. All rights reserved both retroactively to the dawn of time and henceforth in perpetuity all things to the contrary nothwithstanding.


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